With geo-conquesting, you can target your customers while they’re in the vicinity (or in the actual shop) of your competitor. For example, if you run a pizza shop, you might target customers who are nearby large pizza shop chains or other local pizzerias. Your prospects receive timely notifications and ads about your company’s products while they’re near your competitor. This urges them to leave your competitor and head for your business.

Location-based marketing methods are a significant focus in digital marketing today. And, with the amount of personal mobile devices in the market, location-based marketing is becoming one of the key tenants of digital marketing as it’s ads are much more timely and relevant than traditional digital ads.

Your Business Needs Geo-conquesting Advertising

  • It’s much more profitable to reach your users when it’s most relevant and timely. Get your business in front of them when it matters most.
  • Geo-conquesting both increases the awareness of your brand with your customers, while they’re about to buy from your competitor. It also reinforces brand recognition, reminding your prospect’s of your better products while they’re shopping with your competitors.
  • Geo-conquesting is essential for newer businesses as it will put your company into the minds of potential buyers when they’re in your largest, most well-known competitor’s location.
  • Geo-conquesting is a great way to provide offers, promotions, and discounts to potential customers that don’t yet know about your product. It’s the perfect way to display ads to target customers who are your ideal market—while they’re shopping with your competitor.

Geo-conquesting and Mobile Advertising

Geo-Conquesting is a variation geofencing and geo-targeting—using wifi and bluetooth to target customers in certain locations via their mobile device.

  • Our geo-conquesting techniques mean your ads are hyper-targeted to your prospects at a defined prospect location or locations
  • Your ads are delivered to the prospect’s via a mobile device when they are within the defined vicinity of your competition
  • We give your company the power to display ads, offers, and promotions to customer’s who are absolutely certain to like or need your products at that exact time through Geo-conquesting
  • We use a combination of Geo-conquesting and Geofencing to maximize your advertising dollars
  •  Our Geo-conquesting experts will optimize your ad performance to ensure your dollars have maximum return on investment
  • We make sure your ads are hyper-localized and highly-targeted to the competitive locations you define as this ensures maximum returns
  • Our team of experts will design, develop, write, and implement your beautiful geo-conquesting campaigns

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