For example, a local coffee shop may use geo-conquesting as a part of their overall marketing scheme by targeting potential customers at the bigger coffee chains. Under this concept, the user receives may receive timely messages highlighting something like your latest special or a unique menu item to draw them into your business.

Geo-conquesting with its location-based marketing techniques has become a significant focus in the world of digital advertising. With consumers tending to shift from traditional browsing methods to surfing on their mobile devices, advertisers nowadays are refining their mobile marketing techniques and audience research methodologies.

How Does Geo-Conquesting Help in the Field of Advertising?

  • Figures show that a smartphone user checks their mobile phones around 100-150 times a day. With the location preferences frequently default to “ON,” it is also becoming easy to target the consumers based on their preferred physical location. Reaching such audiences has become easier, and getting their attention to your relevant goods or services has likewise become simpler.
  • The effect of the concept of geo conquesting is basically two-fold. Firstly, it increases the awareness of a particular brand amongst the customers, currently associated with a similar domain product or service with a nearby competitor. Secondly, it associates brand recognition and value about a new brand in their eyes.
  • This also makes the concept of geo-conquesting a highly attractive option for the newer business enterprises that are trying to create some space for their brands in the already established market of many recognised brands.
  • Geo-conquesting also has the power to help the marketers in capitalizing on negative aspects of the competitor’s businesses while the consumers are experiencing it. This automatically helps in shifting the customers from one brand to the other with substantial reasons. For example, a local coffee shop can use the concept of geo-conquesting for targeting the users looking for best deals around. They can lure the customers by offering a friendly deal like “buy one get one free” to direct such clients to their brand.

How does Geo-Conquesting help in Mobile Advertising?

Geo-Conquesting is considered as a variation the concepts like geofencing and geo-targeting.

Mentioned below are few of the ways geo-conquesting can be used in the evolvement of the mobile space and offered the strategic opportunity for mobile advertising, such as:

  • It creates the required boundary around a particular area based on the location preferences so that Ads are only sent to them.
  • Ads are only delivered to the prospective customers within a particular city, state or a pin-code, targeted by the customers. This ensures that the ads are completely focused on people wishing to visit a nearby store.
  • It allows the advertisers to intercept prospective customers with highly lucrative offers like price cuts, discounts, etc. and pulling them away from the competitors.
  • Many digital ad agencies use the combination of both, Geo-conquesting and Geo-fencing for influencing the users.
  • This advertising technique is most popular amongst the domains of restaurants & hotels, retail stores, businesses or industries, financial services, insurance, telecommunication sectors, etc.
  • With Geo-conquesting leveraging the users’ current location, time, mood, etc. one can easily create a highly effective ad to achieve the highest engagement levels for driving the competitors’ customers towards their brand.
  • The costs involved with mobile ads and advertising is often low as compared to other conventional methods of advertising
  • With competition going higher in the field of advertising, the concept of hyper-local mobile ads has become the best choice for offering value-added services for a particular brand.
  • Such advertising strategies mainly focus on the marketing of the business, its products, and its services to the appropriate consumers at the best time.
  • Geo-conquesting also offers customized actions in the form of appearing search results, banner ads, etc. for some of the customers during a search process. Under this, suggestions are made about a unique product with a better price offer as compared to the competitor’s store.
  • For the regular customers, it also triggers certain push notifications, each time when the user enters a targeted location. This may include things like one-time offers & deals, promo codes, discounts, etc.
  • The strategic step of Geo-conquesting is popularly being used for dragging higher traffic to the most common businesses like coffee shops/restaurants, café, local outlets, etc. for generating higher revenue with higher promotions, promise, and offers.

With location-based services becoming a quite important part of our day-to-day lives, the concept of marketing based on mobile devices has automatically gone high. We have been checking out for most of the day-to-day needs, right from a departmental store to a café, restaurant, hospital, etc. based on GPS tracks and even via Facebook. With our location getting shared now and then with the family/friends on social media sites and platforms like WhatsApp; the concept of mobile advertising and other support systems such as geo conquesting has strived even higher. Therefore, the practice of geo conquesting has been found highly beneficial in the field of mobile-based advertising for both bigger and newly introduced brands.

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