Examples of how a business can make use of geo-conquesting?

Implementing geo-conquesting campaigns, your business can target prospects nearby your competition’s locations. This method of advertising has one of the highest returns on investment in all of digital marketing. Let’s dive into some examples of how geo-conquesting is best used.

Retailers see huge benefits with geo-conquesting.

More and more retailers are turning to geo-location advertising methods, like geo-conquesting, to appeal to consumers as they enter their stores. With geo-conquesting, you’re targeting your retail customers as they enter the location of a competitor. For example, if you own a boutique men’s clothing shop, you might want to target men visiting the Macy’s retail department store nearby.

Imagine having the power to display an ad to each and every prospect that enter’s the store of a retail giant that also happens to be your primary competition.

We measure effectiveness and increase ROI

Not only does Geo-conquesting help you build and deploy amazing digital marketing campaigns, but we can also help you track the performance of your various marketing channels through geo-location technology.

The way it works is that geo-targeting can be used to track which campaigns are driving your shoppers to your stores. You can also track their visits to your competition.

Keeping your customers happy

Security and privacy are paramount considerations when it comes to location based marketing services. We have security and privacy experts, well versed in tech security law, that ensure your campaign’s are delivered with utmost care and consideration.

It’s also important to keep your campaigns fresh with new creative from time to time. Our team of designers will build compelling ads at an iterative pace—so that your audience stays engaged with your advertisements.

You can also target prospects via mobile-purchase ads by using any of the mobile payment applications. For example, you can show an ad to a customer saying they can easily pay on mobile instead of waiting in a line—sure to win your customers over by making their experience more convenient.

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