Why Geoconquesting.com?

Why should my business use Geo-conquesting?

More and more companies are advertising to your prospects via digital means like email, social media, and search engine advertising. That’s why it’s more important than ever to create compelling ads that hit when it matters most.

Geo-conquesting is one method for doing just that. And what better time to appeal to your target demographic than while they’re in the vicinity of your top competitors?

We help businesses deploy and optimize incredibly geo-conquesting campaigns that dramatically improve their digital marking ROI.

Geo-conquesting is one such well-featured mobile-based marketing tool for targeting and pulling the potential customers. This marketing technique has held its roots in the success of all types of business bodies whether small, medium, or large enterprises. This is why businesses today are targeting the use of geo-conquesting. It is mainly due to the popularity of the technique that marketers, today, are highly recommending the strategy for higher business growth.

Targeting for events and trade shows

You can use geo-conquesting at events and trade shows to attract prospects to your booth or entice them with deals and special offers. You can even target your prospects via the social networks that they most often use.

For example, you might show an attendee a promotional ad in their Facebook feed while they’re waking the trade show floor.

Our team of location-based advertising experts will set up a ge0-location targeting the event, create beautiful and enticing ads expertly crafted for each medium you plan to advertise on (Instagram vs. Google search for example). Then, we’ll run those ads for you and optimize them so you aren’t having to take focus off of running your booth.

Retarget your website visitors

As users visit your website, we can track them with imbedded snippets of code. After they visit your site, we can use geoconquesting technologies to retarget them when they’re in the vicinity of your competition.

For example, if a prospect visits your site to order a pair of jeans, you can retarget that user with an ad just as they’re walking into your competitors store.

Get to know your website visitors

When visitors visit your site, the same code snippets we use to retarget them, can be used to store their IP address. We can share that information with our partner databases, to get more information on the prospects that are visiting your website. For example, we can find demographic data like gender, age, and location to create optimized ad experiences moving forward.

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