Why Geoconquesting.com?

Why should my business use Geo-conquesting?

The world today is continuously on the move, and so is business. This is why your marketing and advertising tools need to be well arranged and aligned with the changing times. Consumers today are moving ahead of the traditional web browsing via laptop and desktop computers to the world of mobile browsing, tablets, or smartphone browsing. This is why the advertisers, today, are looking for new marketing techniques based on mobile forms.

Geo-conquesting is one such well-featured mobile-based marketing tool for targeting and pulling the potential customers. This marketing technique has held its roots in the success of all types of business bodies whether small, medium, or large enterprises. This is why businesses today are targeting the use of geo-conquesting. It is mainly due to the popularity of the technique that marketers, today, are highly recommending the strategy for higher business growth.

5 reasons to why one should move on to Geo-conquesting for their business boom

  • Mobile apps growth along with the geo-targeting capabilities

Currently, the businesses are operating on a global scale. Being at one place, they work towards benefitting users at multiple locations so that they turn out to be their potential customers in the future. With the growth of mobile apps sustained with well-integrated geolocation technologies, it has become effortless to offer promos or discounts via mobile ads. Such ads are directly delivered to the audiences using the targeted consumers’ details and location.

The geo-targeted mobile marketing campaign has almost generated a 10% hike in the target sales of the major players, along with 10,110 clicks, 3.4 million impressions, and a 0.29% click-through rate. This is a lot of success to aspire about with geo conquesting campaigns.

  • Geo-conquesting Ads work amazingly on sales

With the highly stratified Geo-conquesting technique for higher business promotion, the sales figures are automatically on a raise. Within the defined location and area, such ads can be landed on the users mobile. Ads that interest the users and offers attractive discounts to them will automatically drive them to a competitor’s store. This helps with raising sales figure on the whole based on the simple mobile ads with messages interesting the users as per their location.

Five days after a campaign launched by Pepsi using the Geo-conquesting techniques earned it an overall growth of 18% hike in the user engagement and a higher click-through rate of 1.01%.

  • Helps in announcements, discounts, and promos

With a promo, event, or announcement directly reaching your target customers, results automatically tend to change. Geo-conquesting techniques help a lot in making the appropriate announcement for the users at a particular location so that they are automatically driven to a relevant store as compared to a competitor. Such ads can also be in the form of discounts, deals, promo codes, etc. Alluring the customers, one can automatically connect with their users and offer them even better deal as compared to their competitors.

Zalora, a fashion e-retailer that used Geo-conquesting and mobile advertising campaign sending out text messages relating to discount vouchers instantly directed many mobile users to its online store. The success they got urged them to share the voucher with more friends, and this campaign was a fantastic help for Zalora’s increased response rate by 150%.

  • Geo-conquesting helps reach the target customers, while they are sitting at a competitor’s outlet

Winning over the customers over your competitors is the best use of geo-targeted mobile ads that are displayed to the individuals while they are at a rival’s business place.

Using the concept of Geo-conquesting, Quiznos’ mobile advertising campaign has targeted people visiting the American sandwich chain’s competitor’s like Jimmy John’s and Subway situated quite near to its branches. The strategy worked and resulted in a 20% increase in the coupon redemptions rate and creation of approx 3.7 million new impressions.

  • Users location-specific keywords and consumers base for higher profitability

Using the location-based keywords is the ultimate beauty of the strategic location-based mobile marketing. Customers under this can be virtually targeted by using some geo-tagged keywords within the online content or even mobile messages.

McDonald’s McDelivery Mobile campaign used this technique to cleverly route its way towards pulling its competitors’ keywords like “KFC delivery” for showing the customers their contextual ads for McDelivery.


Thus, localized mobile advertising has proved to be one of the biggest and mastermind marketing and advertising forms for reaching out the delivery results. Using the promotional efforts for targeting a large number of people at a particular location, geo conquesting has the power to drive higher benefits to the business. Thus, geo conquesting is a great idea to be implemented for higher business growth, brand awareness, attracting the higher number of customers, and driving sales.

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