Geofencing and Geo-Conquesting

What Is the Difference Between Geofencing and Geo-Conquesting?

Location-based advertising has exploded in popularity as of late thanks to the abundance of GPS-enabled personal mobile devices in circulation. Advertising techniques that work based on a user’s location have been refined and tweaked to become effective marketing tools and are being used by large companies around the world as we speak!

Many small business and organizations are currently using this technology as well, perhaps trying to reach the consumers at their major competitors. Advertisers have been using such techniques to target specifically located consumers and lure them to their outlets using some discounts, promo codes, attractive offers, and more.

Geofencing and geo-conquesting are two of these techniques and advertising tools that are being popularly used for overall business growth. These techniques have worked wonders on collecting location-based data and works perfect for customer tracking as well. This is the reason behind such concepts becoming equally vital for any of the businesses in the modern era.

Whether you are national brand looking for appropriate marketing techniques or minor one trying to compete for your existence amongst the major players in a local market, use of these techniques is wondrous. The high volume of basic to advanced level mobile searches and the mobile app that are day-to-day being used by the customers often leave the trails of their GPS-based information. This information can be easily used by the business bodies to target a particular range of location-based specific customers and to offer customized messages and promos to them.

Even though the significant techniques of Geo-conquesting and Geofencing seem to be the same, there are a few differences between them. People often get confused with these popularly used terms in the world of location-based data access.

Let’s have a look at the difference!

Intro to GeoFencing

  • Geofencing is actually used for establishing a virtual perimeter for any of your advertising, marketing, or Pay Per Call efforts.
  • Under this concept, a business body, along with its distribution partners, can efficiently use a map for setting the exact pin locations. This setting can be used for establishing the permissions on where the ads need to appear, and the non-responsive areas that do not need to be targeted.
  • This helps with reducing the overall wastage of such location-based efforts trying to capture customers.
  • With Geofencing, one can serve the customers with the right content, each time they are within the specified geographic area. This can be delivered promptly for capturing the consumers’ attention as and when this location preference changes.

Intro to Geo-Conquesting

  • The concept of Geo-conquesting is slightly different from that used in Geofencing. On one side, Geofencing is used for establishing virtual parameters for influencing and triggering the consumers within a specified area. Geo-conquesting works on the concept of attracting customers with the favourable offers, deals, discounts, etc. while they are away to a competitor’s site. This helps in pulling them towards your brand when they are in a specified geographic area.
  • This concept works on the ideology of targeting a consumer and enabling his interest towards shopping within your area. Dragging crowd from a competing brand to allure them, one can serve them up with the timely ads, information.
  • Such ad helps in delivering the appropriate information and drawing their attention away from a competitor.
  • For example, a coffee shop holding unit can use the concept of establishing Geofencing for a particular region, and Geo-conquesting for capturing GPS data of the customers who are visiting a rival coffee outlet within a particular location. One can send timely offers, coupons, and even informative messages, offering them a lucrative deal so that they get attracted to the outlets.

Geofencing and Geo-conquesting are therefore, two different concepts, but when deployed together in tandem, it can work wonders in attracting specific consumers at a particular location. Both these concepts work amazingly within a particular space and attempt to lure them away from the competition when you capture their location at or near a competing brand.

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