Geofencing and Geo-Conquesting Marketing Solutions

What Is the Difference Between Geofencing and Geo-Conquesting?

We offer a full stack of geo-location based advertising solutions. From retargeting to event and trade show location-based ads, we’ve got our clients covered.

We help businesses build and deploy incredible location-based ads that dramatically improve their digital marketing ROI.

Geofencing and geo-conquesting solutions

Geofencing and geo-conquesting use modern technology like Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS to display your ads to users when it matters most, like when they’re walking into your competitor’s store. Or, like when they’re walking right past one of your retail locations.

Website retargeting

Website retargeting means collecting data on the folks that visit your website so that you can show those same folks another ad in a different platform. For example, if someone visits a blue jean sales page on your website, you can retarget that prospect with a blue jean sales advertisement the next time they log in to Facebook.

Website visitor identification

Retargeting data also helps us collect data on the demographic profile of your audience. For example, we can collect data (in a secure manner, of course) on the gender, age, and location of your website visitors. This helps improve the ROI of your future digital ads.

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